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About Us

Women’s Natural Health® is a conscientious organization dedicated to developing quality nutritional products for women’s health concerns. The mission of our organization is to provide natural, effective products as well as to research and share useful and credible information regarding natural health for women.

Meno-Fem®, our nutritional/herbal supplement formulated for menopausal women, has been available since 1994, as well as Endo-Fem with PMS Plus®, our natural product for women with endometriosis and menstrual difficulties. Our products are backed by our confidence and our guarantee.

Women’s Natural Health® was founded by a small group of people whose quality of life was compromised by symptoms of hormone imbalance. We believed women should have more options to choose from, including safe and effective natural remedies.

After consulting specialists in natural products development, Meno-Fem was created from high-quality herbs and trace nutrients which are non-hormonal and have a long history of safety in traditional use.

During our years of helping women who suffer from the inconvenient symptoms of menopause, we have gained many satisfied customers. Our products have been sold by direct mail from our company in Hawaii since 1994, and now Meno-Fem is available on Amazon (Click here)! The price is $21.95 for 90 vegetarian capsules, a 30-day supply when using three capsules daily:

About Menopause

Menopause refers to the cessation of the menses, normally occurring after childbearing age. Menopause may begin anywhere from as early as age 30 to age 58 or higher. Childless women often enter menopause earlier than their female relatives who’ve had children. Menopause is a natural function of the female hormonal system. As we enter menopause and our hormonal system slows its production, our biochemistry changes and we enter a new phase.

When childbearing age has passed and the body no longer needs to produce estrogen for fertility, it slows down its production. One of the symptoms of decreasing estrogen levels is “hot flashes.” Women may experience these symptoms differently. Hot flashes usually begin when menstrual periods become sporadic, and may intensify when periods cease. Some say their hot flashes are triggered by emotions, or by a full bladder. Most women report that their hot flashes radiate from either the middle of their back or the center of their chest.

The common symptoms of menopause include hot flashes, irritability, lowered sex drive, low energy, drier skin, insomnia or disruption in sleep patterns, bladder leakage, and increased susceptibility to urinary tract infections (UTIs). “Night sweats” are troublesome for those who are awakened multiple times soaked in sweat and throwing the covers off, only to fall asleep uncovered and wake up again, shivering.

What are some possible causes of menopause symptoms? These can include decreased estrogen production, a change in hormone balance between estrogen & testosterone, the consumption of over-processed foods which are low in nutrition, anti-estrogenic drugs used to manage endometriosis, or an imbalance between the three main types of estrogen, known as Estriol, Estrone, and Estradiol. Hot flash stimulants include caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods, stress, overheated rooms, and smoking.

What are the most common approaches? The universal approach has been to increase estrogen levels by a physician’s prescription of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) or Estrogen Replacement Therapy (ERT), most often Premarin, or estrogenic supplements such as soy isoflavones & plant estrogens, available as supplements.

What does HRT do for menopause? Hormone Replacement Therapy remains controversial. Once thought to be a means to extend youth, it then became implicated in female reproductive cancers and heart disease. We were led to believe that with HRT, our skin would keep its dewy youthful appearance, our bones would retain their strength, and our minds would stay sharp. These ideas are yet unproven, and the increased risks of reproductive cancer are discouraging.

What do some women find undesirable about using HRT? The estrogens levels increased by HRT use are those which should be proportionately the lowest. Reproductive cancer survivors or those at risk may not be advised to use HRT. Recent studies of HRT indicate that it does not prevent heart disease or significantly reduce the occurrence of osteoporosis, as originally thought. Dependency occurs often with HRT because when its usage is stopped, even at a very advanced age, menopause symptoms may occur with the same intensity as they would have at the original age of natural onset. This is because the body “has to go through it” at some point. The HRT only postpones the inevitable, for some women.

What is our preferred approach? Supplementation with the right combination of herbs and trace nutrients can flush out harmful estrogens, allowing the body to naturally balance beneficial estrogen levels. Herbal detoxification can be effective because fat cells trap harmful estrogens which are difficult for the body to eliminate without outside help.

What if I’ve had a hysterectomy? Women who’ve had hysterectomies are normally advised by their doctors to use hormone replacement therapy, no matter what their age might be. Hormone replacement may not be necessary when only the uterus is removed, but if the ovaries are completely removed, estrogen production stops and hot flashes may become a problem.

Endometriosis treatments and hot flashes: Women who are using hormone regulators such as Lupron (sometimes prescribed for severe endometriosis) may have extreme hot flashes while still in their childbearing years. A six-month course in Lupron injections helps many women to gain a temporary reprieve from the progression of endometriosis. Many Lupron users report menopausal symptoms as being among the side effects.

What if I’ve already had breast cancer? To prevent recurrence, doctors often prescribe Tamoxifen, which is now believed to have carcinogenic risk for some women. Tamoxifen use may increase the risk of uterine cancer, and is not known to help reduce hot flashes or alleviate post-menopausal vaginal dryness. Female reproductive cancers are supported by certain types of estrogen, and therefore estrogen-blockers such as Tamoxifen are marketed to help slow the spread or growth of these cancers to other parts of the body.

Why is it that Asian women supposedly don’t get hot flashes? The reason why older generations of Asian women haven’t reported suffering from hot flashes is not likely due to soy in their diets, but rather because of their minimal exposure to food products that were treated with herbicides, pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics. These drug and chemical culprits are believed to act as “estrogen receptors” in the human body. The current overload of environmentally-based estrogens is an insidious assault on the health of Americans.

For the past 40 to 50 years, the chemical compounds in the categories listed above have been used heavily in the U.S. to increase yields for livestock and farming purposes, while reproductive cancers have become epidemic in this country. With the exception of organically-produced products, most of North America’s dairy products come from cows that are treated with hormones so they produce milk even when they are not pregnant or nursing a calf. Milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products are a big part of the American diet, but not found in the traditional Japanese diet.

So here’s the logic: Throughout their lives, Asian women have healthier balanced hormone levels than Western-hemisphere women do. When entering menopause, Asian women make a smoother transition with fewer symptoms.

American women often have higher levels of “harmful” environmental estrogens in their bodies, so when entering menopause, these levels drop drastically, causing more noticeable symptoms.

What other help is available for me? For the millions of women who are now entering their menopausal phase, more viable options are needed to help with hot flashes and other “change of life” symptoms. As a result of intensive research into traditional herbalism and plant medicine, a supplement has been specially designed for the needs of women who have the health concerns outlined above.

The challenge was to find a solution to the complications of menopause which stops or reduces hot flashes naturally, without any added plant or chemical estrogens which carry cancer risks. Quite the opposite, our goal was to produce a special menopausal women’s supplement that contains herbs which were used traditionally to improve natural hormone balance by flushing out the environmentally-sourced “harmful” hormones. Our objective was to produce a supplement which stops hot flashes without drugs or hormones, and doesn’t cause bloating or water retention.

Meno-Fem does not contain any estrogens, or any hormonal ingredients which may replace estrogen. This is why it is considered an ideal supplement for women who do not want to use estrogen replacement therapy, either because they have cancer risk concerns or because in the past they have suffered from menstrual difficulties which are associated with hormonal imbalance.

Our Product

The price of Meno-Fem is $21.95 for 90 vegetarian capsules, a 30-day supply when using three capsules daily. Available exclusively on Amazon.com ($21.95) at this link:  click here: For order inquiries outside the U.S., please email us. For those without email access, please call or write. We want to help.

► Stops or reduces hot flashes naturally, without hormonal ingredients
► Contains no estrogenic ingredients from plant or animal sources
► Does not contain any soy products or derivatives

Meno-Fem’s effectiveness is accomplished by the use of herbs and trace nutrients, without any drugs or hormones. We feel that menopause should be seen as a natural and important function of a woman’s life cycle, which gradually eliminates estrogen when it is no longer needed for childbearing, and this factor has been associated with a lower risk of reproductive cancers.

Meno-Fem is also an excellent product for women who have concerns about using hormonal supplements, because it is non-hormonal and will not increase estrogen levels.

Usage Instructions

Our customers with frequent hot flashes normally start out with three Meno-Fem capsules per day taken at separate intervals such as one with each meal, and to drink plenty of pure water, especially between meals. This helps the Meno-Fem to assist in the process balancing the system.

Based on this usage our customers report an 80% average reduction in hot flashes occurring within 4-10 days. Usually hot flashes are eliminated first, followed by mood swings and other “change of life” symptoms. When purchasing on Amazon, please use the Meno-Fem as directed above for at least the first 15 days before leaving comments or ratings so you may allow enough time for noticeable improvements. It’s important to us that you’re happy with our product, and when you tell others of your positive experiences, you can help them too.

After using three capsules daily until symptoms cease or reach maximum improvement levels, you can try reducing your usage to two tablets per day. If symptoms are still controlled with this amount, dosage can be reduced one tablet per day until the menopausal phase passes. By adjusting your dosage to use just what you need, it is more practical and convenient to use Meno-Fem throughout your menopause phase.

Most of our customers find that they can use the Meno-Fem just to get them through the hot flash phase, and then it is not needed any more. However, it contains excellent ingredients as a long-term supplement if you wish to remain on a minimum dosage thereafter.

Meno-Fem is not an osteoporosis-preventive supplement, so if maintaining bone mass is a concern for you at this time in your life, be sure to use other supplements which contain the recommended dosages of vitamins and minerals for women in this phase of life. Also, you might want to limit your intake of carbonated beverages, which are known to deplete the body’s bone calcium levels. A daily multivitamin is also recommended for general health and well-being, for all of our customers. We also suggest fresh air and exercise as well as a nutritious and wholesome diet which includes fruit, vegetables, and whole grains.

Meno-Fem Ingredients

The remarkable natural plant compounds that expert herbalists and researchers combined for this formulation include native North American herbs that are known to balance hormones and flush out toxic substances through the urine while strengthening the kidneys and bladder. The following is an alphabetical list of the herbal ingredients in Meno-Fem®:

Asparagus Root  ~ Shatavari, Asparagus racemosus
Strengthening for the female reproductive system, diuretic, and soothing. Used for kidney, bladder and urinary tract irritation. Helps in the balancing of hormones. Also helpful for the detoxification of accumulated waste from the joints, and lower back pain caused by kidney yin deficiency conditions.

Buchu Leaves ~ Agathosma betulina
Antiseptic for the urinary system, a diuretic to treat water retention, with benefits to the bladder and stomach. Also for bloating and indigestion, relief of flatulence, poor appetite, and painful or slow digestion. Stimulates and strengthens the uterus and promotes blood circulation. Also used for candida conditions and vaginal problems. Useful in the prevention of recurring urethritis, cystitis, burning and painful urination.

Cayenne Pepper  ~ Capsicum annum
Stimulates circulatory, gastric, and immune systems, increases blood flow, tones the nervous system, boosts metabolism, benefits depression, raises energy, moves sluggish blood, increases flow of nutrients to tissues, helps in the removal of waste products from the body. Regulates blood flow, strengthens arteries, capillaries, heart, nerves. Acts as a potentiator (increases the effectiveness) when used with other herbs.

Cleavers (or Goose Grass) ~ Galium aparine
Diuretic, anti-inflammatory, blood purifier, lymphatic cleanser, stomach stimulant, strengthens the liver. Used in stubborn cases of fibrocystic breasts. Among several herbs which assist the lymphatic and blood systems in eliminating fibroid tissue. A detoxifying agent in serious illnesses such as cancer. Also indicated for conditions where the body fails to rid itself of toxins. Eliminates excess fluid, counteracts inflammation, and external application used in native medicine for cancerous growths and tumors.

Couch Grass ~ Elytrigia repens
A gentle, cleansing diuretic and female corrective agent. Lessens frequency and pain in bladder irritation, anti-inflammatory, indicated for cystitis, anti-microbial, used for blood purifying, bladder, kidneys, stomach. As a lymphatic cleanser, general use for healing lymphatic system. Minor indications for lower back pain.

Dandelion Root ~ Taraxacum officinale
Blood cleanser and purifier, diuretic, calming. Benefits female organs, detoxifies bladder, kidney, and liver. Neutralizes blood acidity, promotes bile flow, clears toxins from the blood. Reduces fluid retention, improves and enriches blood flow to benefit tissues and reduce blood toxicity and infection. Removes waste products from liver and flushes out toxins. Helps in toxic conditions resulting from over consumption of meat and dairy products. High in potassium and helpful for fatigue. Reduces breast soreness caused by fluid retention, cysts, and tumors. Boosts endurance, relieves gas and digestive disorders, and helps relieve insomnia. Reduces water retention, tones female organs, and helps with resolving chronic yeast infections.

Gravel Root ~ Eupatorium purpureum
Reduces tumors, stimulates immunity and bile flow, stabilizes body temperature, clears toxins from blood. Cleanses urinary tract to reduce occurrence of urinary infections.

Raspberry Leaf  ~ Rubus idaeus
Strengthens the walls of the uterus and the entire female reproductive system. Raspberry leaf is known to assist in toning the reproductive system. It is also soothing to the stomach, bowels, urethra, kidneys and urinary tract.

Uva Ursi  ~ Arctostaphylos uva ursi
Diuretic, astringent, antiseptic. Used for conditions of the liver, bladder, kidneys, and small intestine. Taken for kidney and bladder infections, post-partum uterine infections, and for blood in urine. Acts as an antiseptic and disinfectant for elimination system through kidneys and bladder. Also used for recurring cystitis, to strengthen urinary system membranes, and as a soothing tonic for the urinary system.

Additionally, the three-capsule recommended daily usage of Meno-Fem contains these mineral and nutritive ingredients: Vitamin E, 100 I.U.; Vitamin B6, 9mg; Potassium, 90mg; Magnesium, 100mg; and Selenium, 30mcg.

Meno-Fem DOES NOT contain any wheat, gluten, sugar, egg products, soy, dairy or animal products, starch, or preservatives.

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Information regarding the herbal ingredients in our products is provided for educational purposes and is not intended for use in self-diagnosis or treatment.

Labeled Precautions:
The Meno-Fem herbal supplement product contains herbs which have a diuretic action. Precautions state that these products are not intended for children, pregnant or lactating women, those with any illness or those taking or requiring any medication. This product and other diuretics should not be taken by those with kidney or bladder diseases. If in doubt, consult a physician before use.

Terms & Conditions

Women’s Natural Health does not accept liability to any person for the information or advice (or use of such information or advice) provided on this website or incorporated into it by reference. Women’s Natural Health provides this information on the understanding that all persons accessing it will take responsibility for assessing its relevance and accuracy. If you have special concerns about your health, please contact your doctor or health care provider. By using the Women’s Natural Health website you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions relating to its use. This website contains information of a general nature and is not a substitute for seeking appropriate advice. Women’s Natural Health makes no representations about the content and suitability for any purpose of the information contained in this website. The information and the website is provided on an “as is basis” without any express or implied warranty of any kind and the information and website are used at your own risk. Women’s Natural Health values your privacy and is committed to protecting any personal information provided by our customers.

Our products are backed by our money-back guarantee.  Supplements are not intended to replace the care and/or diagnosis of a qualified medical professional. Those under a doctor’s care for a particular or related health condition should consult their doctor before use.

Nutritional supplements are not intended to replace the care and/or diagnosis of a qualified medical professional. Those under a doctor’s care for a particular or related health condition should consult their doctor before use.

Please read the product label before use, and feel free to call our company or consult your health provider if you have any questions. Your good health is our greatest priority, and we hope you will be feeling better soon!

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